Zen practice in Santa Barbara, CA

Deep Streams Zen Institute offers authentic Zen practice in Santa Barbara with Joseph Bobrow Roshi.

Waking Up From Trauma

Cultivating Communities of Resistance in a Time of Uncertainty
March 24 - 26, 2017

Crisis may imply opportunity, but our capacities for integrating and responding are depleted. Even our native capacities to discern truth and reality are shaken.

In such times, claiming our humanity is an act of resistance. Cultivating sanity is a revolutionary act. Enjoying a replenishing breath is radical. Renewing our capacities for response-ability is not a luxury, it is essential. Minds and bodies, hearts and souls need each other in such times. We wake up together.

In this workshop we explore how communities of resistance are also optimal environments for learning and healing.

Join us as we practice, study, and build peace

First and Third Wednesdays of the month

Friends Meeting House
2012 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

All are welcome. Please allow time to get settled.

There are two 25 minute periods of zazen (zen meditation). Joseph also offers dokusan, an opportunity for a one-to-one exchange. If you're new to Zen, email Larry Barber at lcbarber355@gmail.com.

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