Zen is the practice of waking up,  experiencing our profound intimacy with all creatures, and sharing it freely. Since 1988, Deep Streams has offered Zen practice with Joseph Bobrow Roshi in San Francisco. We recently relocated to Studio City, CA.

Deep Streams offers individual instruction with Joseph. Over time group and retreat programs will be available.

Our approach and programs emphasize Zen practice and its relevance to our daily lives. Beginners as well as seasoned meditators are welcome.


Deep Streams Zen Institute is in the tradition of the Diamond Sangha, a Zen Buddhist society founded in 1959 by Robert and Anne Aitken. A international network of centers, the Diamond Sangha evolved from the lineage of the Sanbokyodan, the Fellowship of the Three Treasures, in Kamakura, Japan, which is based on the teachings of Harada Dai'un Roshi. It was founded by Harada Roshi's successor, Yasutani Haku'un Roshi, in the mid-1950's, and led by Yamada Koun Roshi, Robert Aitken-Roshi's root teacher. It is a revitalization of the ancient Soto stream of Zen, incorporating authentic koan practice. Joseph Bobrow is a Dharma heir of Robert Aitken Roshi.


Deep Streams Zen Institute offers a range of Buddhist meditation practices. No particular beliefs are required and we are a lay rather than a monastic group.

Practices include concentration, mindfulness, and the opportunity for authentic koan study, a non-dualistic practice of meditative inquiry. Koans are the folk stories of Zen, arising out of dialogues between teacher and student. They provide a meditative focus through which we can experience directly the essential nature of our living and dying within the moments of everyday living.