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Enduring Together in Synchrony: Suffering, Karma and Poison.

By Joseph Bobrow | April 4, 2020

Thus have I heard: The corona virus is exposing and revealing fault lines of great suffering, the cause of suffering, the path to transforming suffering, and the main component of that path (view). It is also revealing how karma works and the role of delusion, one of the three poisons (intimately related to the other…

Vast and Wide

By Joseph Bobrow | February 26, 2020

Master Yunmen said, “See how vast and wide the world is! Why do you put on your seven-piece robe at the sound of the bell? This koan is from The Gateless Barrier, a collection of verses and stories compiled by Master Wumen. Gateless? Essentially yes, but when we are hitched to conceptual formulations, investing our…

Your Liberation is Bound Up with Mine

By Joseph Bobrow | January 30, 2020

Bodhisattva means awakening being: In process of awakening, awakening others, and cultivating his own awakening. It is commonly thought that the Bodhisattva postpones his full enlightenment until all beings have become enlightened. Or, he is already fully enlightened but devotes his energies to others’ awakening rather than refining his own. These seemed dualistic, a bit…

Unleashing good

By Joseph Bobrow | January 14, 2020

I was watching on Democracy Now a group of homeless mothers who have moved with their children into a home kept vacant for years by real estate speculators in Oakland. There are many such homes, the Mothers 4 Housing said: It’s not right for them to be kept vacant as their value builds past affordable…

Walking the Path

By Joseph Bobrow | October 5, 2018

I’m happy to announce that there are still spaces in our cohort. Walking the Path is an opportunity to be part of a supportive cohort to learn Buddhism through a program of study and practice.  November, 2018 – June, 2019 Program components * Daily meditation practice at home. * Readings: An article or book chapter,…

New podcast: Zen & Healing Trauma

By Joseph Bobrow | July 31, 2018

A recent interview of me by Guy McPherson is now live: Zen and Healing Trauma. Check it out here.

A Raft, Ferrying Us to the Other Shore

By Joseph Bobrow | July 10, 2018

I usually say Zen is not like Mr Clean: Good for all surfaces and purposes. It’s best practiced without a particular purpose. But this is remarkable. The practice, as a raft by which we cross over, described metaphorically in Buddhist sutras.

Waking Up from War (and Other Trauma)

By Joseph Bobrow | July 2, 2018

Dear friends, Check out this page for audio and video—interviews, meditations and presentations— on  integrative approaches that transform trauma and generate post-traumatic growth. Also, our Coming Home retreats with veterans, families and care providers and the healing process we discovered: Turning Ghosts into Ancestors. Good wishes, Joe


By Joseph Bobrow | June 16, 2018

Welcome to my new blog. I’ll be posting on a range of topics, from psychotherapy to Zen, from poetry to social justice. Often, I’ll begin with my experience of the world we live in— its beauty and ugliness, its pains and joys— and take off from there. I’ll post links to talks and interviews, audio…

Opening to the Ordinary

By Joseph Bobrow | August 1, 2017

Our minds work like a search engine. Type in a word or phrase (or experience a series of lived moments) and a slew of “answers” emerge. On a computer or a smartphone, we see auto-fill activate; experientially we jump to conclusions. It is this, or it is that, or it is the other. From just…