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One year after George Floyd's murder, check out Breathing in and Breathing Out Are Acts of Resistance, with Joseph Bobrow.


Zen Practice with Joseph Bobrow

Regular zazen — We meet weekly via Zoom on Mondays at 6:20 pm. We invite you to join us. Newcomers and old hands alike are welcome. Instruction is provided. (In terms of site, we only meet via zoom now; and will for the foreseeable future.)

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Please email:  [email protected]

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New Book Release

"Please read this book. Joseph Bobrow is a true meditation teacher who walks his talk and enjoys his practice." 

—Thich Nhat Hanh

"Bobrow’svoice from the Zen teaching seat is clear, compassionate, encouraging, deep, yet modest. Those adjectives apply to the book in its entirety.”

—Foreword by Norman Fischer

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New Podcast - Lotus in the Fire


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We live in times of danger and uprising. Buddhist principles and practices are a rich source of insight, transformation, perspective and peace. What is compassionate action in the midst of injustice, brutality, and ignorance? The lotus grows from recycled refuse. We use all of what we experience—from despair to anger, from grief to love— to transform anguish and protect all beings. Join me, Joseph Bobrow, for lively, in-depth, personal conversations, as we realize the lotus in the midst of a world on fire.

Most Recent Episodes

Activating the Power of the Beloved Community

Join Kazu Haga, author of Healing Resistance: A Radically Different Response to Harm,  and me as we delve into the nature of personal, social and ecological change, healing trauma, and the intersection of non-violent direct action and spirituality.


Radical Change— with Roots in the Soil of Relationships

Join me for a most stimulating conversation on the origins and nature of genuine change with Kritee, climate scientist, socioecological community activist, Zen priest, original, integrative thinker, and inspiring presence.

Walking The Path

A core delusion is that we are isolates, disconnected from others and the world, separable from the fabric of life. As we walk the path of Zen together, we discover that each of us is awakened from the beginning and we are connected to all beings in a vast living web. As a friend puts it, "Isolation Kills, Community Heals."


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