Welcome to my new blog. I’ll be posting on a range of topics, from psychotherapy to Zen, from poetry to social justice. Often, I’ll begin with my experience of the world we live in— its beauty and ugliness, its pains and joys— and take off from there. I’ll post links to talks and interviews, audio and video, as well as earlier writing that still seems of interest. I’ll discuss what I’ve learned about integrative approaches to transforming trauma, and the ways psychotherapy and Buddhist principles and practices complement each other in helping us heal, wake up and create lives worth living.

There is so much anguish in our world today. Much of it is unnecessary, fueled by unbridled greed, hatred and delusion. We live for better and for worse in the midst of it. Right here, we can develop stability, clarity, and suppleness of heart. Right here, we can discover our profound connection to our fellow humans and to all beings, and embody that intimacy in our living.

Feel free to be in touch; dialogue connects and enriches.

“We are put here, a little space, to learn to bear the beams of love.” — William Blake

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